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3D/CGI visualizations

We are passionate about CGI that focuses on creating high-end visualizations for premium packaging designs. Our expertise lies in creating hyperrealistic visualizations for products such as spirits, wines, and cosmetics. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, we have mastered various CGI visualization processes, including 3D modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, and rendering. Our team has the capability to fully understand the needs of designers and bring their vision to life through stunning 3D/CGI visualizations.


3D Modeling

we create virtual representations of objects or scenes using specialized software. Our studio is proficient in creating highly detailed and accurate 3D models that replicate every aspect of the packaging design. We pay attention to fine details such as shape, size, materials, and intricate design elements to ensure a realistic and visually appealing representation.



Texturing involves adding surface details to 3D models to enhance their visual realism. Our studio meticulously applies textures to the models, carefully matching the materials used in the actual packaging design. We focus on accurately representing the textures of different materials, such as glass, paper, metals, and plastics, ensuring a lifelike quality in our visualizations.



Shading is the process of simulating how light interacts with objects in a 3D scene. We employ advanced shading techniques to accurately reproduce material properties, such as reflections, specularity, transparency, and refraction. This level of detail allows us to create visualizations where the packaging materials react realistically to various lighting conditions, adding depth and authenticity to the final result.



Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere of a visualization. In our studio, we meticulously craft lighting setups that showcase the packaging design in the most favorable way. We consider factors such as the product's intended environment, its branding, and the desired emotional impact. By carefully placing and adjusting virtual lights, we create realistic and visually striking visualizations.



Rendering is the final step in the CGI visualization process. It involves converting the 3D model, textures, shading, and lighting into a 2D image or animation. Our studio employs powerful rendering software and hardware to generate highly detailed and photorealistic renders. We utilize advanced rendering techniques to ensure that every aspect of the packaging design is faithfully represented, paying attention to shadows, reflections, depth of field, and other visual effects.

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