Build a Brand as
Bold as your Vision

UNBOUND STUDIO is a branding and identity design agency,
expertly crafting comprehensive identity systems and brand strategies
for businesses ready to make their mark.

Strategy Based Designs to help you become the Fast moving company in your Industry.


We pride ourselves on our ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the strategy that is conceived and  executed. We are dedicated to aligning the goals of your organization with the ever-evolving needs of your valued customers. By doing so, we are able to create truly exceptional brand experiences that leave a lasting impact. 



Shaping an Unforgettable Identity with Creative Excellence

Crafting brand identity is not just a skill we possess; it's our fervor, our expertise, our forte. We meticulously build all-encompassing identity systems that capture the very soul of your brand, reflecting its distinct character and fundamental values. In every project, we forge a unique visual language meticulously customized to your brand, one that reverberates with your audience, effectively bridging the divide between your brand's vision and your audience's perception.

Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Identity Design
Brand Activation
Design Strategy

UI/UX Design
Visual Identity
3D Visualization
Web Design & Development
Digital Experience

Our projects

IVY Lounge
IVY Lounge

─ Brand Identity

Sabawi Coffee
Sabawi Coffee

─ Brand Identity, Packaging

Zias Architecture
Zias Architecture

─ Brand Identity

YM Trading PLC
YM Trading PLC

─ Brand Identity, Web Design & Development

Afrosheba Coffee
Afrosheba Coffee

─ Packaging Design


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