10 Best Websites for Branding and Graphic Design Inspirations

November 28, 2023

As a branding specialist and graphic designer, finding inspiration is crucial to creating impactful and memorable designs. Here are some websites that can serve as excellent sources of inspiration:

Behance is a premier platform for designers to showcase their work and discover innovative projects from around the world. It features a vast collection of branding, graphic design, and visual identity projects that can spark new ideas and help you stay up-to-date with the latest design trends.

Why use Behance for Inspiration?

  • Huge Community and Selection: Behance boasts a vast community of designers, making it a hub for diverse styles and industry-specific inspiration.
  • Full Branding Case Studies: Unlike other platforms, Behance allows for the display of complete brand identity designs, including logos, typography, patterns, and more, providing a comprehensive view of branding projects.

Brand New is a platform that focuses on corporate and brand identity work. It features reviews and opinions on rebranding efforts, providing valuable insights into effective brand storytelling, logo design, and visual identity systems.

Why use BrandNew for Inspiration?

  • Expert Insights: Brand New provides reviews and opinions on brand identity work, offering valuable critiques and commentary on the creative process behind branding projects.
  • In-depth Branding Analysis: The platform delves into the context, constructive criticism, and creative insights behind featured designs, providing a deeper understanding of branding strategies.

The Dieline is a leading resource for packaging design inspiration. As a branding specialist, exploring the innovative and visually striking packaging designs featured on this website can help you develop distinctive brand assets and memorable product experiences.

Why use The Dieline for Inspiration?

  • Packaging Design Focus: The Dieline is a leading resource for packaging design inspiration, ideal for branding specialists looking to create visually striking and innovative packaging solutions.
  • Memorable Product Experiences: Exploring the showcased packaging designs can inspire the development of unique brand assets and enhance product experiences.

World Brand Design is a curated website that showcases exceptional branding and packaging design work. Browsing through their featured projects can provide valuable insights into effective brand storytelling, color palettes, typography, and overall visual identity.

Why use World Brand Design for Inspiration?

  • International Reach: WBDS is a global platform that attracts entries from agencies, collectives, freelancers, and in-house design teams from around the world. This exposure allows designers to gain recognition and credibility across different regions and markets.
  • Prestigious Awards: The WBDS Awards are a prestigious and highly respected recognition of creative excellence in branding and design. Winning an award can significantly enhance a designer’s professional profile and career prospects.

Packaging of the World is a comprehensive resource for packaging design inspiration. As a branding specialist, exploring the innovative and visually striking packaging designs featured on this website can help you develop distinctive brand assets and memorable product experiences.

Why use Packaging of the World for Inspiration?

  • Detailed Case Studies: Many of the featured packaging designs on Packaging of the World include detailed case studies that provide insights into the creative process, design rationale, and results. These case studies offer valuable learning opportunities for designers looking to understand how successful packaging designs are developed.

  • Focus on Packaging Design: As the name suggests, Packaging of the World specializes in showcasing innovative and visually striking packaging designs. This focus allows designers to explore how packaging can be used as a powerful branding tool to create memorable product experiences and stand out on crowded shelves.

Awwwards is a leading authority in web design and development, recognizing and celebrating the best in digital creativity. While not exclusively focused on branding, the website features cutting-edge web designs that can inspire unique approaches to digital brand experiences.

Why use Awwwards for Inspiration?

  • Comprehensive Directory of Professionals

    • Global Reach: Awwwards.com features a comprehensive directory of professionals, including designers, developers, and agencies from around the world.
    • Recognition and Visibility: Being part of this directory provides unparalleled visibility, recognition, and leads for your business or personal brand.
  • Inspiration from Award-Winning Projects

    • Best Web Design Trends: Awwwards.com showcases award-winning projects that set the standard for web design and branding.
    • Inspiration for Your Projects: Explore a wide variety of collections and galleries to find inspiration for your projects and stay updated on the latest design trends.

Designspiration is a visual discovery platform that showcases a wide range of design work, including branding, illustration, and photography. Its clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to explore and save inspirational content for future reference.

Why use Designspiration for Inspiration?

  • Comprehensive Collection of Design Inspirations
    • Huge Library: Designspiration features hundreds of different design inspirations, including illustrations, landing pages, photographs, ads, and more. This vast collection provides designers with a wealth of inspiration and ideas to draw from when working on branding projects.
    • Organized Themes: The platform is organized into dozens of different themes, allowing designers to find inspirations related to their specific topic or industry. This makes it easy to discover relevant and high-quality designs that align with their project goals.
  • Customizable Search Options
    • Search by Theme: Designspiration allows designers to search for inspirations by theme, which helps them find relevant designs quickly and efficiently.
    • Search by Color: The platform also enables designers to search for inspirations by color, making it easy to find designs that match their desired color palette. This feature is particularly useful for designers who need to ensure color consistency across their branding projects.

BP&O — short for Branding, Packaging, and Opinion — is a creative blog full of handpicked design articles, tools, and examples that acts as a catch-all resource for those building a brand. The beautifully designed site is a source of high-quality, curated designs with insights straight from the minds of experts.

Why use BP&O for Inspiration?

  • BP&O is a blog that features a curated selection of high-quality, inspiration-worthy branding, logo, and packaging design projects.
  • The blog is selective in the designs it showcases, ensuring a consistently high standard of creative work.

Niice is a visual search engine that allows you to discover and collect design inspiration from various sources, including Behance, Dribbble, and Pinterest. Its powerful search capabilities and collaborative features make it an excellent tool for branding teams to curate and share inspirational content.

Why use Niice for Inspiration?

  • Comprehensive Brand Hub
    • Niice is designed as a centralized “brand hub” that brings together all of a company’s guidelines, libraries, projects, and people in one place.
    • This allows creative teams to have complete visibility over their entire brand story, from logos to the latest campaign assets.
  • Improved Collaboration and Workflows
    • Niice enables new workflows and helps get non-creative team members more involved in the branding process.
    • The platform facilitates better collaboration, as it provides a single place for discussions, feedback, and documentation around branding projects.
  • Accessibility and Visibility of Assets
    • Niice transforms how teams and partners can access, find, and use a company’s brand assets.
    • The platform allows users to beautifully present assets in a way that is more intuitive and user-friendly than traditional folder systems.

Identity Designed is a website curated by David Airey, a branding specialist, to showcase his favorite branding projects. The site features hundreds of design projects with detailed descriptions, making it a treasure trove of inspiration for branding professionals.

Why use Niice for Inspiration?

  • Comprehensive Visual Campaigns: Identity Designed highlights amazing visual campaigns from brands around the world, focusing on the visual aspects of branding such as photography, logos, ads, and more. This provides a wealth of inspiration for visual branding strategies.
  • Filtering Options: The site allows users to combine filters to search for specific branding projects, making it easy to find inspiration tailored to their needs.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Each featured design includes context, constructive criticism, and commentary on the creative process behind the design. This provides valuable insights into the design decisions and creative thinking that went into the project.
  • Endless Pool of Inspiration: With hundreds of design projects to explore, Identity Designed offers an endless pool of inspiration for branding professionals.

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What do you think?

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