Sabawi Coffee

We have devised the brand name "Sabawi Coffee" to express the historical significance of the Queen of Sheba. Sabawi Coffee is a recently established coffee company that seeks to honor Ethiopia's rich heritage by offering customers a robust and flavorful coffee experience that is deeply rooted in its culture. Our objective was to create a brand identity for Sabawi Coffee that would effectively convey its distinct mission and values. We have crafted a brand identity that is both daring and refined, accompanied by the tagline "Celebrate your Heritage with Bold Flavor." This tagline encapsulates the brand's essence and its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional coffee and celebrating cultural authenticity.
Coffee Roastry
Sabawi Coffee
Brand Identity & Packaging

Celebrate Your Heritage with Bold Flavor.

Lancha on the Road to Bilos Headquarter, Tiya Aklilu Building 301

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